I meant to comment before your article was pulled. Although your information may have contained true statistics, you did not seem to have a complete understanding of all of the aspects of vaccines.

First, more people live with any of the vaccines than without. This is important particularly since one in 500 Americans have now died from the COVID-19 virus. To negate vaccines is to possibly cause the death of anyone who believes that they should not be vaccinated after reading your story.

Second, you forgot one virus, Shingles. I had Shingles. Then, I had the Shingrix vaccines (two doses). Shingrix is an mRNA virus vaccine. Pubmed states "Immunogenicity generated by mRNA vaccine encoding VZV gE antigen is comparable to adjuvanted subunit vaccine and better than live attenuated vaccine in nonhuman primates".

Third, boosters are often given for numerous types of diseases, not just Coronavirus.

Fourth, most people with underlying medical conditions will particularly benefit from these vaccines. My daughter is immunocompromised. She received the vaccine so that she could have some measure of certainty that she will not die if she contracts Coronavirus. I also had the vaccine. I am older and have some underlying health conditions. I had absolutely no adverse affects after receiving the Moderna vaccine, an mRNA, five months ago. In fact, the second Shingrix vaccine made me quite ill for a few days. I would believe that it was fighting the Shingles in my body since I had Shingles prior to receiving the vaccine.

So, to negate the Coronavirus vaccines in any way is to possibly work against the health or even the life of people who take your article at face value and follow your viewpoint. This is not something to write at this time. That is why your story was banned.



Diana Montgomery she/her/ally/Christian

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