The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

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Since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, I do attempt to out squeak the loudest squeakers.

There are so many very vocal people who call themselves Christians but who have no idea that they are speaking against the teachings of Jesus — or maybe they do.

They have a very misguided understanding of the Bible. They consistently turn to the Old Testament as their guidebook of laws while ignoring the New Testament teachings of Jesus. So, if they only believe the Old Testament, why are they calling themselves Christians? Aren’t they simply Jews? Nothing wrong with being Jewish. Just admit that you are.


Yet, these same people do not even understand the Old Testament. Jewish rabbis actually laugh at the understanding that many Christians have. They explain how wrong their knowledge of the Torah is and that the Torah has many nuances and many ways of reading the scriptures.

And these Old Testament Christians don’t even realize that the lawgivers, the scribes, and the Pharisees were people who Jesus did not like. He admonished them frequently. They went completely against his teachings. Yet, the squeaky Christians will proclaim that they have complete knowledge of everything Biblical and that others must follow their teachings rather than the teachings of Jesus. They use the Old Testament with impunity to back up their claims while failing to even acknowledge what Jesus told them to do. To many Christians, the Old Testament is set in stone according to their particular viewpoint of whichever books of the Old Testament they choose to use to convince people that their stances are divinely given. They have their mind made up. So, don’t try to change them with facts. Let’s just ignore Jesus. We can still use His name but we don’t have to follow what He taught.

These “Christians” seek power, control, and wealth. All of the things that Jesus said not to do. They have a complete lack of humility or meekness which Jesus said that Christians should always have. They are entirely against every teaching that Jesus gave.

I have a real big problem with this. These things are blasphemy and taking the Lord’s name in vain. If you do something in vain, you do something “without success or a result”. So, no matter that many will tell you that taking the Lord’s name in vain means to cuss using the name of the Lord. That can be considered taking the Lord’s name in vain but using the name of the Lord to promote those things that the Lord strictly spoke against, is also taking the Lord’s name in vain. That is blasphemy.

Slaughter of the Innocents — Flickr

The people who I term the innocents believe what they are being taught by men without ever questioning the veracity of what those men (or women) are teaching. The innocents being deceived breaks my heart. They are caught in the middle of a raging battle between good and evil. They are led into evil. When Jesus prayed the Lord’s prayer, it included “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”. Satan, the enemy, is working 169 hours a week (no that isn’t a typo or a miscalculation) to bring evil to all of mankind. It knows that its time on earth is short. Satan wants to turn all of mankind against God and control all of humanity. To see innocent people being misled is one of the most heartbreaking things that I can conceive of. They have no way of knowing truth. They have no one who they can turn to for truth. I don’t even know who I can turn to for truth except for Jesus Himself. These poor people are confused and fearful. They want to do what they believe to be right. Unfortunately, they believe that evil is right because satan has caused evil to be preached in the churches including now on TV.

The people who are preaching for satan, are loud, obnoxious, controlling, vehement, selfish, and sanctimonious. These are who the squeaky wheels are. I believe that the people who do honestly follow Jesus also need to be squeaky wheels. We are told by Jesus to rebuke satan. Yes, we need to pray for God’s guidance, assistance, and protection but we need to do things with the sure knowledge that God is with us so that no one can be against us. When we are told to evangelize, we need to evangelize the innocents with the truth of Jesus. We need to tell them that the truth is that God is love and that Jesus preached love. Those were and are what Jesus is about. To do anything else than this is to follow satan. A house divided cannot stand. True Christians cannot allow their houses to be divided by satan.

Promise Keepers who state that they are Men of Integrity, writes at :

“Satan is a liar and murderer. This part of him comes from his true nature, which, according to the Bible, consists of arrogance, vanity, envy, and selfish ambition. When we act in such a manner, we align ourselves with Satan as enemies of God. This is why the mark of a child of God is humility and absolute surrender to our Lord.”

Obviously, I agree but that does not mean that we should not put on the full armor of God, and our helmet of salvation and pick up our sword of the Spirit to do battle with satan. Humility is not to place ourselves above others. When you join the fight to stand up for the innocents, you are saying that they are important. Jesus would say that too. When you do this, you can be vocal but also humble.

Christ casting out Satan-Wikimedia Commons

To my brothers and sisters in Christ, please stand up to rebuke satan and to speak truth. We are in this battle. We are involved. We cannot pretend that we are not.




What am I talking about?! I must be out of my everlovin’ mind. Maybe, maybe not. I can’t write everything here. Read my writing “Profile”.

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Diana Montgomery

Diana Montgomery

What am I talking about?! I must be out of my everlovin’ mind. Maybe, maybe not. I can’t write everything here. Read my writing “Profile”.

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